Rules for the Terraria server!

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Rules for the Terraria server! Empty Rules for the Terraria server!

Post  Johnrev on Sun May 29, 2011 6:28 pm

List of rules for the Terraria server.
#1: Respect the spawn area by not taking anything from inside the walls. This includes trees and signs.
#2: Mods will be appointed (Mods from the Minecraft servers will be given the choice to become a "mod" right away) (All mods will really do is the norm stuff and help solve problems)
#3: If there isn't a mod on and there is a problem that involves items not being given equaly among a mining group (that had an agreement) or a trade for Coins please settle the problem with pvp (Although this may be unfair for new players (sorry!))
#4: We might have to go back to an old save if someone griefs! Also items in chests cannot be locked to just curtain people so it is best to store items offline.
#5: Please fight bosses away from the spawn to keep NPCs alive! (Also on bloodmoons protect the NPCs please!)

Those are the rules for now.

Tip time!

Tip #1: to the left of the spawn (right out of it) there is a woodenplank. If you fall through the wood plank you are in the Public Mine (please leave resourses for others!) I have found a chest and a Life Crystle down there so be sure to check it out! (I left it there so first come first serve!)

Tip #2: There is plenty of open area to the right of the spawn before Corruption so you can build out there! If the background gets Yellow through you've gotten too close to the Corruption!

Also the main group that you should use is Green Party. This leaves 3 other groups to be used. (Make sure no one else is using a group before you take it!)

Have fun on the server guys! (I hope you like the spawn!) Razz

I love Minecaft! Very Happy
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